Welcome Singles Who Love to be Active

The Single Ski Club of LA is a new and forming group serving Los Angeles residents with community planned events and active social gatherings.

Membership will include skiers, snow-sports enthusiasts, and many members who do not ski or snowboard but who enjoy the club’s events and friendliness, from communities throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Please join the newsletter and we will write a welcome email to all new subscribers with membership information once we have our first meeting on the calendar.

Thanks for your interest and patience!


Our club is not be confused with the previous SSC of LA, which is now disbanded.

The history of the former SSC of LA is as follows:

Originally founded in 1960 as a ski and social club for single adults, the Single Ski Club has evolved to now include married members. Over the years, many of the single members got married and other married couples expressed interest in joining the club, so in 2011 we changed our by-laws to allow married members to have the same rights as single members, the only exception being that the President and Vice President must be single adults. But, what has not changed for the Single Ski Club has been the many diverse programs offered to its members: athletic, racing, sports competitions, social, cultural, communications, public affairs, domestic and international travel, awards, ski heritage, skier safety, ski industry and community service.

The Single Ski Club was "ahead of its time" in its devotion to community service projects. Noteworthy is a 49th Assembly District Community Architect Award from the Honorable Gwen Moore in 1985.   It states: WHEREAS, the Single Ski Club was founded 25 years ago as a social milieu for those who enjoy skiing and has now expanded to become involved in many charitable and cultural causes; and WHEREAS, the organization has been active in aiding handicapped skiers, has participated in the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program and the Red Cross Blood Drive; and WHEREAS, the Single Ski Club has been instrumental through lobbying efforts in helping to open up new ski areas and the organization brings together active people interested in cultural enrichment; now THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Single Ski Club be commended for 25 years of existence and for "helping to build a better community".  To this day, the club continues to participate in and support community service projects.