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Our trip to Santa Fe and Taos was a great success. Great Thank you to Uta and to Linda Hoban. Two Youtube videos have been made. One by Marty and Irma Kasindorf and one by Danielle. Each with a different flavor.

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Thank you's for January.

         Jeff Simms - Happy Hour at the Areals restaurant, Santa Monica

         Sandra Marshall - Sunday at the movies

Thank you's for February

         Paula Correia - Happy Hour at the Daily Grill, Santa Monica

         Sandra Marshall  - Sunday at the Movies


Good to know:

     - Our general meetings are the first Wednesday of each even month

         (February, April, etc..). Meet us at the MCC in Marina Del Rey at 7:00 pm.

     - Our newsletter is published every odd number month (January, March,  etc..)


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25 Apr 2015 6:30 PM • MCC MDR

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